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84 Responses to “Mailing List”

  1. Joanne Peters Says:

    She made a major impact on my life not just as a dancer but as an artist, and human

  2. Rebecca Shaw-Gove Says:

    Please put me on your mailing list.

  3. Sharon Gershgorn Rodden Says:

    Please put me on your mailing list.

  4. Walked along 10th Street this evening and wondered for a bit (and not for the first time), about what ever became of Susan Siegel. On a whim later on, I found this site. This morning, my post: It has been a long, long while. Maybe time to get caught up? If anyone could put us in touch, or at least pass this on to her, it would be most appreciated. Maury Englander

  5. Please like the Dance June Lewis Facebook page and and let us June Bugs stay connected!

  6. I studied with June Lewis and Company in the 70’s and have not dance in many years, but I still remember many of the lessons that I learned. The experience has shaped my life.

  7. Ann (Siemiatkowski) Poko Says:

    My experience at Brooklyn College leaves a firm stamp on my heart and soul that I treasure every day. June’s legacy as a teacher and mentor was a huge impact in my life. I think of her and also my other teachers, Howard, Barbara and Claude often. I just wish I would have known about this website earlier. Please add my to this mailing list. Thanks!
    Ann Siemiatkowski Poko

  8. Katherine Maniatis Says:

    I hope June’s work was saved and appreciated, but I don’t expect much and would be suprised if it would be duly appreciated by those who really didn’t know her. I remember that one of the reasons she isolated herself was to retain her purity in the dance. She sensed the corruption in this world and wanted no part it. That’s why we who knew her loved her so much. She sleeps now… but boy can you imagine what she will be like when she comes back in a perfect body in the paradise earth! I’ll be leaping on the hilly grass with her and skip with joy and run and roll and…………

  9. Alice Klugherz Says:

    Paul Spong who composed for June Lewis as well as playing for her classes died suddenly at his home in New York City
    Below is what I put on my Face Book page about it:

    The Obituary is here:

    This man was a lovely person and musician and also an INCREDIBLE composer! He composed the score for June Lewis’s “A Killing Frost” one of the most complete and incredible pieces that “references” WW2 and Anne Frank. Not all artists beautiful work is ever found or seen once they are gone!

    • Thank you Alice for posting that!!
      and for you comments that are so true – re artists work being lost after death…even in life…I remember dancing in the 10th st studio with his live music – very powerful and moving!

      Jenny Schipper

      • PS June Lewis embodied spirit in dance to an iconic degree for all of us who were privileged to study with her.
        I never knew that The Killing Frost referenced WW2 and Anne Frank. Thank you for that as well.

      • Alice Klugherz Says:

        that was what I understood from some of the people who were in the piece. It was an amazing piece of work. It will not and I repeat NOT go down in the history books because those who write them, for the most part did not recognize June because she alienated herself from the rest of the dance community. I have asked dance historians point blank about it.
        BUT someone should make sure her videos are part of the performing arts collection! THAT is really really important!

    • Rebecca Shaw-Gove Says:

      I just found out that Paul died – so sad. He played for a ballet class that I took with Jack Hertzog at City Center last year – enjoyed his music and talking to him. Strange to realize he’s gone.

  10. Barbara Morris Says:

    I studied extensively with June Lewis in the 70’s and even though I have a nonexistent ego at times I believe my body retains the precious memory of the pioneering spirit of the June Lewis legacy. June Lewis flew to my hometown {Pittsburgh} every other Saturday the last two years of high school. I assist at Community School of Ballet in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Is the June Lewis dancers currently in session? Would anyone be interested in housing a former pupil. I would travel through Pittsburgh to Long Island as I would like to visit a previous music mentor {I play classical piano}. I am willing to barter this skill at a dance class. I cried to gain admittance to both master classes of June Lewis while studying at Connecticut College American dance festival (Please don’t ask what year this was-} Love to all whose lives were touched by this greatest of dance icons. Is anybody up for helping me to re-connect?

    • Mary Spiro Says:

      I too studied with Miss Lewis in the 70s in Pittsburgh when she would come in on the weekends to teach. She was one of the most inspiring teachers I ever had. I have not danced in many years, but still remember and use many of the lessons she taught.

  11. It is wonderful to hear that you are dancing and celebrating June. Please add me to your mailing list.

  12. I would like to be informed if there are any performances upcoming. I studied with June Lewis in the 1970’s at brooklyn college and her NYC studio

  13. maury englander Says:

    Susan S. : What ever became of? Still remember you after all these years……

  14. Wish there was a place on social media that could be created to remember June. A fanpage, something. I know she was a very private person and I respect that but as a former student it would be nice to have a place with photos or dance footage to remeber her legacy.

    • James Martinelli Says:

      hey gina mee too

    • Alice Jane Klugherz Says:

      keep me on the list

      • katherine maniatis Says:

        Don’t worry too much…I’m sure June will grace this earth again with the dance. Through a careful examination of the Holy Scriptures there will be a resurrection on earth ( Acts 24: 15, Isaiah 26:19). I am looking forward to dancing a dance of victory to Almighty God Jehovah that we have been delivered out of death to everlasting life on earth (Revelation 21:4, Psalm 37:29).
        I had discussed this with June over 20 years ago when I became one of Jehovah’s Witnesses when I was investigating the scriptures thoroughly and testing them (prophecies and practicality).
        Imagine too when she sees her son again in the flesh, healthy and vibrant!!! And Martha!
        So let’s keep our hope alive knowing that dance will never die and we can see June again in God’s due time! Yay!!!!

  15. Katherine Maniatis Says:

    I recently heard of June falling asleep in death. I wrote a letter to the company but do not know the address to send it to. Additionally, I would be honored to be on your mailing list.

    • Falling asleep in death – thank you for putting it like that!

      • Katherine Maniatis Says:

        You’re so welcome. Actually the Bible puts it that way at John 11:11-14 and Ecclesiastes 9:5. So June is truly resting until one day Jehovah God wakes her up on a paradise earth…where she belongs! (Isaiah 26:19, Psalm 37:29, Acts 24:15

      • Thank you Katharine for mentioning it’s in the bible. I will look it up.
        When did you study with June?

      • Katherine Maniatis Says:

        I studied with her at Brooklyn College from 1984 and continued until 1991 at her studio in NYC on 21st and 5th. She was so honest with us and the technique so pure. You really knew she cared about the art and us as individuals. She let me interview her too which was a privilege. She wasn’t afraid to be different and apart from all the commercialized dance and I really appreciated that she did not use us that way. As you must know, her teachings affect how we move every day!

      • I studied with her from 1975 or 6 to her studio on 10th st and 21St….Yes you described her well with her teaching and purity..I .
        btw I looked up those passages but didn’t see the passage…
        Best to you,

      • Katherine Maniatis Says:

        Hi Jenny..which passage didn’t you find? You can reach me at katherinemaniatis@hotmail and I will be glad to help. I notice you are in California?

    • James Martinelli Says:

      She was and is a big part of who I am and what I was

    • James Martinelli Says:

      Miss ya Katherine

  16. It’s powerful to see the company continuing in June’s absence! She was a vital force. I studied with June and the company long ago on 10th St and on 21St. She was an intense influence in my life and dance. She had a penetrating eye that was fearless to speak truth – whatever it was. She uncovered and revealed
    what was under surfaces.
    I listened to her, soaking in her every word, feeling in the presence of a most unusal being – uncompromising intense artist.
    Please put me on your mailing list.
    Was fun to recognize some names of fellow dancers of long ago. Are there pictures of the company? sounds like a strong group of 5!
    Jenny Schipper Encinitas, California

  17. Says:

    One of my all time favorite Graham teachers.

  18. How may I contact the company? Maria

  19. Doreen Timmons Says:

    I am a former student of June Lewis; I can’t find anything substantial about Ms. Lewis on the web. Is there a school where her company members teach?

  20. I vividly remember June saying to us, the students one day in class that before she comes down to teach us she always takes a moment to thank and remember her teachers. Today I do the same thing whether I’m teaching a dance class or giving a massage. I’m really proud to be able to pass on all the wonderful, depthful gifts she gave to me. I feel like even though she’s gone her lessons and spirit are always with me in my art and in life. I feel really grateful and bless to have had her as a teacher and mentor.

  21. Kathy (Zertuche) Marciano Says:

    I took many classes with June, Howard, & Debora at Brooklyn College and their studio over 30 yrs. ago. When I found out that there was no longer a dance dep’t at B.C. I was very disappointed. And now hearing that June has passed away, makes me feel even sadder. Even though I did not pursue a dance career, I have so many wonderful memories from the company. Please add me to your mailing list. Thank you.

  22. Olga Hubard Says:

    Please add me to your mailing list! Thank you.

  23. Lorraine DeSantis Says:

    I was missing the past and typed in Dance June Lewis to see what would come up. I was truly upset to find out June had passed. She was such a part of the lives of so many. I never felt more determined and focused when working with June and the members of the company. It was such an important part of my life. I think of all of you often with fond memories , praise, and gratitude. If you can share any other information about June’s passing or have information about future events, please contact me. I would love to be on the mailing list.

  24. Stephen Petrilli Says:

    Hi everyone! I miss you all. Let me know when you’re performing again

  25. Frank Artrage Says:

    I have a question for Ms. Lewis that I hope that she can answer, and if I can return the courtesy, I will certainly try.

    In 1992 at Brooklyn College, Ms. Lewis and her dance class performed a Renaissance dance based on Botticelli’s Primavera choreographed by Dr. Emily Jayne for the Lorenzo de Medici celebration.

    1. Was this dance videotaped?
    2. Do you know Dr. Jayne’s whereabouts?
    3. Do you have, perchance, any Program Notes, from this conference?

    As I said, I would be happy to return the courtesy if I can. For example, I just bought Professor Toscani’s book from the conference and if Ms. Lewis needs an article from it, such as Dr. Jayne’s, I will make a copy and send it off.

    Please let me know.

    Thank you.

    Frank Artrage

  26. cindy stone Says:

    I have kept my artistic identity which began with June lewis and company ignited by studying piano and practicing regularly. I would appreciate being on the mailing list.

  27. Alice Klugherz Says:

    Is there still an active company? Has June Lewis’s work been archived?
    The performing arts Library is where copys of her work should be.
    This site is great, but her work needs to be protected. The perf Art Library
    is not just interested in “big names”. Junes work was unique, no one takes out the work, they make an apointment and get to view it, study it.
    I am doing research for my cousin now on an abscure tile maker, if it was not for notes about the shows she was in, the work itself and the preserved articals I would have nothing. Also people who study an era
    in dance like to know all who were out there, for context. Her old videos could turn to dust, seriously I dread looking at mine (meaning I hope they have not disentagrated)

    • Gina A. Liccardo Says:

      I agree wholeheartedly. I hope the company archives this important dance history. I would love to see it.

  28. Great to finally find this site!

  29. It was so great to see all of you at the performance and to have a place to go back and remember where all the gifts of knowledge, art and training were developed for me. Everytime I instruct and dance I carry all the lessons all of you and she bestowed upon me. I can not put my gratefulness for all of these priceless gifts into words. It’s hard to know that my greatest teacher is gone but great to know that the knowledge and the lessons continue on each day in the studio and on stage.

    God Bless and keep passing on the magnitude of knowledge and art she shared with us.

    Please add me to the mailing list.

  30. Regina Costagliola Says:

    I would love to have seen this past performance but did not know about it. So please put me on your mailing list. It is a pleasure to see some familiar names. Brings back fond memories of dancing at Brooklyn College.

  31. Gail Kroog Says:

    I studied with June so many years ago at Brooklyn College and am so thrilled to know that the company is still continuing on. June will always be deeply remembered by those she taught and gave so much to . I would love to have seen this past performance but did not know about it. So please put me on your mailing list.

  32. Sharon Greenberg Sarelson Says:

    I took classes with June at Brooklyn College & at her studio over 30 years ago.

  33. Alice Jane Klugherz Says:

    Please let me know the next time the company performs. I would love to see the new works as well as the works from the past. I saw a rehearsal at Brooklyn College, about 15 years ago (?) It was really great, she was demanding and steady and the dancers were wonderful. They were doing a killing frost.

  34. Jayne Ouwel-Banner Says:

    Would love to hear from you –

  35. Thierry Vuolo Says:

    I am so glad to see the company has a web site yet sorry I missed a performance last month. Please keep me on your list. I am eager to attend a performance anywhere in the tri-state – or around the country!

    • Thierry Delfino Vuolo Says:

      I would like to know if a company in the name of June Lewis continues. It would be wonderful to see the technique of Graham as handed down by the students of June.

      • Katherine Maniatis Says:

        Me too. And June’s developement of the spiral surpassed Graham! She was a genius and I hope her contemporary technique will live on.

  36. Evelyn Ressler Says:

    Hi, so glad to find you. I am breathless, this is so excting. Which five of you? Please contact me
    Evelyn Ressler

  37. Hello Dance June Lewis & Company!
    I am so happy to find this website and see some familiar names.
    I have so many fond memories of June, the company and school.
    Please put my name on your mailing list. Warmest Regards, Maria

  38. An outstanding performance.
    The dancers were inspirational, the choreography intricate and highly sophisticated, the production values were top notch, and special kudos to Ms. Wantanabe for her imaginative and creative lighting design in both “The Unknown Gate” and “This One Is For You. And…”.
    Well done, all.


  39. It was so great to see you all perform again. Many have been touched by the artisitic genious and passion of June Lewis and I was blessed to have been one. I carry with me the integrity of her teaching and I am honored to have been her student. It is great that you are continuing on her work – you were all beautiful in the performance.

  40. Emily Hahn Says:

    It was so amazing to see all of you. Claude, Elisa, Lisa, Schery, Kim ; your performance was beautiful and so emotional for me. Thank you for having the courage to continue. I hope to see more of you all in the future. You have a home away from home in Connecticut if you ever want to perform here. Barbara, I was so touched to see you. It has been too too long. Lots of Love, Emily

  41. Please put me on your mailing list.

  42. Denese Veira-Wilson Says:

    Please add me to your mailing list. I would like to know when June passed away. I am devastated about it, my dancing today is due to her powerful training from Brooklyn College.

  43. please add me to your mailing list. so excited about rewind and present!

  44. Suzanne Lemmon Says:

    Hi guys! Would love to be added to your mailing list. So excited to see ” Rewind and Present” Thanks so much

  45. Heather Mcgann-Iacoviello Says:

    Please add me to your mailing list

  46. Michael Anthony Kerr Says:

    Please add me your mailing list. Thank you.

  47. Linda Westen Says:

    Please put me on your mailing list. I would also appreciate receiving whatever material you may have about the company. Thank you.

  48. Michael Wong Says:

    please put me on your mailing list

  49. Please add me to your mailing list…thanks, and looking forward to the upcoming Rewind and Present…


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