In Memoriam

Principal dancer and teacher for Dance June Lewis & Company, Howard Hormann, passed away Friday November 20,2015. He was there at the company’s inception and his dedication, kindness and passion for the work has touched us all.


3 Responses to “In Memoriam”

  1. Theresa Delfino Says:

    I also was a student of Howard’s at Brooklyn College where June’s company was in residence. He was my favorite teacher as he shared so much of what he felt about being not just a good technical dancer but the emotion as well. I remember him telling me to not show too much emotion on my face because I was “too expressive.” I was never happier during that time in my life than when I was in class. He seemed to have been a very kind and insightful man. Does anyone have any photographs from Brooklyn College performances and studio work?

  2. karen leslie Says:

    I danced in Howard’s classes in the ’70’s. Is the company alive? Where? Is June Lewis able to be contacted?

    • June passed away. There was a tribute performance for her held by her company members but I haven’t heard anything since. 😦

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